About Hannah Ashton

    I started dreaming big since, well, I started dreaming. As a young girl, my dream job was to be the first female Major-League Baseball player. Could I dream any bigger?? Even though I was a part of every kind of club, sport, or choir growing up, my team sport days came to an end––but I found YouTube. I’ve been a content creator since 2010 and love being able to share my life and voice with like-minded gals all across the freakin world!

    I went to a small, private high school in East Tennessee where I was a part of the starting musical program, tennis team, and first graduating class. Ever since middle school I’ve been focused on self-development. While I watched videos on how I could wake up earlier, be more productive, be more organized, eat healthier, etc., I was also filming myself making these changes in my life for my channel.






    Let’s just say I had a business before a boyfriend because when I was just 17 years old I started my first real business besides YouTube (not counting my joint Etsy store when I was 12 haha). I created Hannah Ashton Content which sold coaching sessions and later a course all about how to set up your YouTube channel to fuel your passions and reach your audience!



    I stopped coaching for a few different reasons but then two weeks before I moved to college, I hosted my first in-person event in my home city of Knoxville, TN. It was a three-hour event with two other speakers, 45 attendees, and amazing sponsored food and goodie bags (if I do say so myself)! It was a thrill but exhausting. I was definitely burnt out after a summer of planning and organizing this event.




    Then I went off to college to Belmont University in Nashville, TN all while still uploading weekly to YouTube. It was one September morning when I was curling my hair that I got the idea for this workbook. At the time, I was using two different paper planners: one for my school work and one for my YouTube work. I was wondering if I ever made a planner how I would design a page to fit both of my daily needs. That led me to write down all of the self-improvement practices I had been fostering for years. That is what the workbook has come to today (with a lot more tears and fears and blood and all that stuff). I wanted to create a workbook that was missing in my own life and I hoped it would help someone else too. I wanted something for “all the things” such as a place to plan my routines, workouts, goals, business, and yet still get through each day.

    So, there you have it! Now that you know most of my career story thus far, it’s time for YOUR story. I'm here to support you.